The Green omelette


My favorite day of the week is Monday. On this day I plan my schedule for the week including work and sports. And this month I added a new sport to my planning, namely running. I noticed that when I run, I need enough energy that keeps me going and a lot of proteins to build up the muscles. So I created the green omelette.  An omelette made out of organic products that contain a lot of proteins and nutrition. The perfect meal to get you ready for every exercise!

The ingredients:
– 4 Organic eggs
– Chopped zucchini
– Basil leaves
– 2 Gloves of Garlic
– Coconut oil
– Bio tomato ketchup
– Salt & Pepper to taste it

Chop the zucchini in thin slices and the garlic in little pieces. Get a large bowl for the eggs and break them carefully in it. Add the basil leaves and three tablespoons of bio ketchup to it. Mix it all together and put it aside.

Heat a pan with coconut oil and bake the zucchini together with the garlic for five minutes. Then add the egg mix on top of the zucchini and garlic and put a lid on the pain to boil it all down. It takes another five minutes to cook for the perfect omelette.  Add some salt and pepper and your homemade omelette is finished!

Note: For a workout I suggest to eat it plain. Else you can put it on a speltbread or cracker.




Avocado chicken salat

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One of my favourite things on bread is chicken breast with avocado. It is healthy and gives you lots of energy during the day. But why are those ingredients really that healthy? Well, chicken is a low fat meat and is full of proteins and magnesium. Avocado contains a lot of fiber, sodium, is cholesterol free and contains nearly twenty essential nutrients, including omega-3, vitamins A,C,D,E,K and the B vitamins. And food that is high in omega-3 is worldwide known as the secret behind a healthy heart, a high concentration and good eyes. But enough about why it’s the good for you and back to the recipe, because this is simply to good! The recipe is quite easy and the ingredients for this avocado chicken salat are:

– 2 Boneless chicken breasts
– 2 Avocado’s
– ¼ Chopped onion
– Juice of ½ a lime
– 2 Tablespoons of cilantro
– Salt and pepper to taste it

How to make it? Cook the chicken breasts until it is done. Cool the meat and then shred it. Make a cream of the avocado and add the other ingredients to it. Last but not least, add the shredded chicken to the avocado cream and you are done. My suggestion is to eat it with multigrain bread or with crackers. Get inspired!

Fresh and healthy: Homemade hummus



It is time for a new food recipe and this time I choose for Hummus! It is very healthy and it can serve as a good protein.  And for the veggies between us, it is also a healthy alternative for animal protein. You can eat hummus like a dip, but you can also eat it as a sandwich spread. I prefer hummus as well as a sandwich spread on a cracker topped with avocados. And for an alternation to avocados eat it with fresh spinach and pine nuts. That is also real good! So for today I will give you the basics for a simple natural hummus and you can add all the ingredients you like! Think of a hummus dip with sun dried tomatoes, curry or coriander. It is easy to make, but you need a mixer/blender to mix it. The main ingredients are:

– 1 Can of Cooked chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans
– 4 tablespoons of Citrus juice
– 2 Tablespoons of Tahini pasta
– 2 Tablespoon of olive oil
– 1 Clove garlic chopped
– Salt and pepper to taste it

How to make it? First cook the beans and put them in a mixer. Blend it to create a smooth paste. When the mixing is done, leave the paste so it can cool down. After 10 minutes, put the rest of the ingredients in it and mix it again to a smooth paste. And of course if you prefer extra ingredients, put them in the mix with the other ingredients. Get inspired!

The Bagel factory - Tumblr – Tumblr

I love to eat bagels each day, every day, all day. The problem is that I was not sure if bagels could also be healthy. I love to sport, eat healthy and bagels just seemed like a no go. Fortunately, the opposite is true! Bagels can be healthy but it depends on which you choose. So start with a little history. Bagels were first introduced in 1693 as tribute to a Polish king. Since then they have crossed continents and become a mainstay in America.  Although bagels are good eats, the nutrition of bagels isn’t thought about unless you’re counting calories. Here is a rundown on this tasty treat and what it’s made of. A bagel has zero to very low fat content, but it does contain between 70 and 380 calories. The size of the bagel determines how many calories it has. Bagels are a good source of vitamin C, calcium, iron, protein and fiber. Although they aren’t considered the healthiest of foods to eat, they do provide high amounts of fiber to keep you regular. What means that if you eat them for breakfast, they will keep you filled until  lunch. And for me that is just perfect! On the photograph you will see four bagels that are healthy and real tasteful. For each bagel I will write down the recipe below. Get inspired!

Bagel 1:  Multigrain bagel with freshly made humus, avocado slices, cucumber and basil. Finish it with salt and pepper.
Bagel 2: Multigrain bagel with low fat cream cheese (Philadelphia for example) and top it with fresh raspberries.
Bagel 3: Multigrain bagel with low fat cream cheese (Philadelphia for example) and little yellow tomatoes. Slice them in two, so they will stick on your bagel. For taste you can put a little fresh mint on top of it.
Bagel 4: Multigrain bagel with freshly made humus and brown beans. For taste you can put coriander on top of it.

Fingerfood: a simple bruscetta

A friend of mine is coming over and therefore I want to make a little dish that is easy to eat, healthy and taste good. With a lot of conversations going on I need some finger food! That is why I choose this day for some bread, tomato and mozzarella. Those three ingredients will suit perfect with a glass of wine and a little afternoon sun on the balcony.

I love the mix of the well-known tomato, mozzarella and basilicum, but I need more food to fill my belly today. That is why I make this bruscetta. The recipe is easy and the taste is great. Just find some spelt bread or quinoa bread and toast it for 4/5 minutes. The bread must be crunchy when you eat it. On top of the bread, you put a thin slice of mozzarella and thin slices of fresh tomato. To finish this dish, put some oil on top of it and place a few basilicum leaves on the bruscetta’s for the taste. Finish this meal with a little salt and pepper. If you do it right, it will also look very pretty on your plate. Enjoy the taste of Italy!


Mushroom and wild rice soup

It is Wednesday, the day for food inspiration! I am not in the mood for a big supper. So a meal like soup will do just fine on this cold day. I’m a big fan of all sorts of soups, but this one with the rice and mushrooms suits best for this time of year. This meal can warm you up, is easy to make and tastes delicious. And on top of all that, it is stuffed with wild rice to fill your belly. Get inspired and enjoy!

Ingredients are:
2 Tablespoons of soyabutter
1 Large onion, thinly sliced
2 Ribs celery with leaves, diced
¼ Cup parsley, chopped
1 Carrot, thinly sliced
3 Cloves garlic, chopped
1 Pound fresh mushrooms, any kind, sliced
2 Quarts vegetable broth
1,5 Cup wild rice, cooked
Salt and pepper, to taste

The instructions
1. Meld butter in a large stock pot. Saute the onion, celery, 2 tablespoons marspley, carrot, garlic and fresh mushrooms until soft, about 5 minutes.
2. Add vegetable stock to the pot.
3. Stir in the wild rice and season soup with salt and pepper. Simmer for 10 minutes.
4. Add remaining parsley and ajust seasonings.

Your new breakfast



Goodmorning! It is Wednesday, so time for some food inspiration! This time I already start with a breakfast recipe, because the first meal of the day is the most important one.  The only problem is that most people do not like to eat in the mornings, but it is necessary to eat something. If you find it hard to eat bread or yoghurt for breakfast, I got a solution that is fresh, light and full of vitamins! Make a fresh smoothie for yourself. It isn’t that hard to make and it taste great.  The recipe is simple: You need the ingredients of the photo and mix them in a blender. So next time you don’t need an excuse to miss breakfast, because this is your healthy and simple solution. Get inspired!

Your own healthy spring rolls



Don’t you have any inspiration for tonight’s meal? I got the solution that is simple, healthy and fun to make! Get creative and make your own very healthy spring rolls. And the best of all is that you can make a roll with your favourite flavours. The recipe is easy and cheap. You need spring roll wrappers to make a spring roll. These you can find at your local Chinese store.  And the rest of the recipe is up to you. Decide what kind of vegetables you want to eat tonight and cut them in long thin pieces. The rolls are also great with chicken or shrimps. And last but not least, choose your sauce. My favourites are sweet chilli, ketjap, and soya sauce.

How to make this spring rolls? Soak each spring roll wrapper in warm water until there are pliable. Next, choose your lettuce and vegetables and put them in the middle of the wrapper. End with little strokes of chicken or keep it vegan. Wrap this roll up like you were wrapping a burrito. To keep the spring roll in place, you can put some of your sauce on the ends of the roll. When you are ready, cut the roll in half on the diagonal and serve it with your favourite sauce. Enjoy and get inspired!

Healthy food: the good food.


Inspiration of the day is about healthy food. And I am not talking about the trend of super foods or clean eating, I am talking about healthy food as a way we see it. Healthy food is often seen as a diet, or as a restriction. People have the intention to eat good and healthy food, but most of the time they find it hard to leave the (real good)  unhealthy snacks. Don’t feel bad now, most of us do. But what we do forget is that there also exist many great en super healthy snacks, which are not hard to make. Even the worst cook can prepare these meals. And this is exact what we want to do at Inspire me photograph. It may be that we can inspire you with simple and fun healthy recipes, which can be an alternation on your daily menu. We hope we can inspire you to see healthy food not as a diet, but as a fun twist on your menu!

Recipe of today: Chiapudding with plums and figs
Ingredients are:
– A cup of low fat yoghurt
– 2/3 table spoons of chiaseeds
– 1 Plum
– 1 Fig
– 1 Tablespoon of honey (if you like a bit of sweets in your yoghurt)