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Guide to Manhattan, New York City



At Inspire me photograph we love to explore new things and find out about new gadgets. And the city map ‘Guide to Manhattan’ designed by David Ehrenstråhle is one of those fancy gadgets that we must have! According to the website, David Ehrenstråhle created a personal travel guide to interesting cities throughout the world that inspire him. You can find several series of prints of the cities that he designed and only the look of it is already a little piece of vintage art. So do you love to explore cities or need some decoration for your house? Go to and get your own city map. Note: All the city maps are limited editions. Beware of the fact that if you want one: the sooner the better!


Paris: a potrait of a city



Today I am leaving Amsterdam for a short city trip to experience the romance in the most romantic city of this world: Paris. It is, after all, Valentine’s day. My mission is the quest for l’amour de Paris and by that I mean not only the romance of love. I will hopefully live and breathe the Parisian life for a couple of days. Hours filled with lots of wine and French food, taking the metro to anywhere. Wandering away through this city..

But of course I will not be able to blog everyday, because my days will be filled up with experience this wonderful city. Sorry ;-)! Therefore I found the solution! A must have and a great gadget to have in your home. I am talking about the book Paris: Portrait of a city by Taschen. This book contains everything from Daguerre to Dutronc. It is a fantastic coffee-table ode to the most romantic city on earth. Taschen calls it ‘The true family album of all Parisians’ and, with over 500 heart-stoppingly photographs, I agree. Get inspired by this book and experience l’amour de Paris jus ton your couch with a cup of coffee. It is, after all, Valentine’s day.


New style of Maple syrup

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Old Field Farm

I am obsessed with fancy products and this is exact one of those cool new arrivals! It is the maple syrup from Old field Farm. Located west of the Hudson River in Cornwallville, New York, Old Field Farm’s is aiming to balance art and agriculture, health and productivity, resulting in highest quality goods using sustainable methods. In other words, the mission of Old Field Farm is to explore how art and agricultural practices can interact and benefit one another. None of the products they grow are over-produced, which means they only grow what they need to maintain a sustainable environment. Any surplus is sold off, and when it runs out you’ll have to wait until next season for more.

So if you invest in this item, it means that you are investing in a healthy environment. And you will get maple syrup that taste absolutely great! How cool is it that this product is combining all those wonderfull things in just one item? And last but not least: the look of the bottle. It’s cool, it has a playful font and can serve as a perfect accessories in your kitchen or on your table. We love it! You can find this product on the website Get inspired!

The Aesop stores


Already familiar with this amazing brand Aesop? This brand exists since 1987 and is known for his focus on natural ingredients and efficient anti-oxidants as ingredients for their products. They also refuse to test on animals, because they are convinced that they are doing the right thing by  not trading their values for money. You can find a large product variety of beauty products for skin and more. The products are for both men and female.

Over the years they have built up signature stores in London, Hong Kong, Australia, Tokyo, Paris, Zurich, Singapore and Taiwan. And that is why we post Aesop on Inspire me photograph. We are inspired by the amazing looks of each Aesop store. The stores all have a well-considered design and a nice mix of materials, textures, colors and history. Aesop is convinced that ‘good design can improve your life’. And we agree on that one. We would strongly recommend  to visit one of these stores to get inspired by their design. Have fun with exploring!