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‘Original Unverpackt’. The new supermarket


I am crazy about inspiring new ideas to create a better and cleaner environment. And the concept from Sarah Wolf and Milena Glimbovski has got it all. They came up with the idea to design a supermarket where you can buy every product, but without the packaging. No more plastic bags and lots of trash. Instead of that, you will only buy as much as you need from every product and use your own pots to refill the products. So people will buy consciously again. I love this idea and luckily many more people. They needed 20,000 euro’s to materialize this concept and the Berliner company already did so within twenty-four hours with crowd funding. The first supermarket will be opened in Berlin this summer and if we may believe the founding girls, next ones will be opening soon after that in several countries.


Project Style Hunter

Looking for some new clothes to make your summer more stylish? I found a new webshop that brings you lots of new inspirations! This mode website is not only about selling fashionable items for a really good price, they also provide you the latest news about fashion and lifestyle. So no need for looking further, this amazing website got it all!  And because of their grand opening, they will provide one girl free accessories for a whole yearlong! For a chance to win the prize, there is only one thing you need to do: like the facebook and instagram. They only need 10 more likes, so get your price by liking them! But don’t forget, to find your new hot items for every period of the year, visit the website

Facebook: Project Style Hunter
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Goodmorning sunrise


A new life in a new city can be exhausting. Every new day is filled with new things, new stimuli and new experiences. You meet a lot of new people and cannot find the time to stand still and think about all those things. So here is my new start of this blog with a new photograph from the rising sun in the morning. It is the best feeling to wake up and drive to the beach and see how a new day rises from the sea into the sky. It works a bit like running, but this time you do not have to strain to make your head free. I am truly inspired by nature. Are you? Have a good day with lots of inspirations!

For her: Yves Saint Laurent lipstick

Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent

In about one month we are moving to Berlin and that is why we have a little style section each week. Today the subject for her is lipstick. The reason why is because today’s fashion is known for its red lipstick. I personally adore lipstick and the color red, but I have seen it on so many girls that it is starting to get boring. Why is every girl wearing red lipstick and not other colors?  I think that there are more beautiful colors than red and most of the time better suited with your outfit. So get inspired by the lipsticks of Yves Saint Laurent! All the colors have a natural gloss and your lips won’t be dry. And the lipstick looks already like a present when you pull it out of the box. If you find it hard to search for a new color, just try a lipstick that is one shade darker then your own lips. It gives a natural look, but your lips will secretly stand out a little. And if you want to have all eyes on you. Choose a shiny and bright color like pink, orange or purple(red). Have fun and get inspired!