‘Original Unverpackt’. The new supermarket


I am crazy about inspiring new ideas to create a better and cleaner environment. And the concept from Sarah Wolf and Milena Glimbovski has got it all. They came up with the idea to design a supermarket where you can buy every product, but without the packaging. No more plastic bags and lots of trash. Instead of that, you will only buy as much as you need from every product and use your own pots to refill the products. So people will buy consciously again. I love this idea and luckily many more people. They needed 20,000 euro’s to materialize this concept and the Berliner company already did so within twenty-four hours with crowd funding. The first supermarket will be opened in Berlin this summer and if we may believe the founding girls, next ones will be opening soon after that in several countries.


Drop Coffee, Stockholm



There is a new hotspot you can add to your list of must go’s! If you are living in Sweden or planning to go to Stockholm soon, please visit Drop Coffee to taste the best brewed coffee there is in town. This company makes each cup of coffee from its own roasters and the focus lies on traded coffee. According to their website they believe that if they pay the farmer a good price for the arduous work to produce the coffee, it will benefit him or her, their families, communities and the local environment. So with each cup you are drinking, you help will help others to build a sustainable life. Isn’t that inspiring to drink even more coffee? Well, back to the coffee bar itself. Drop coffee is located in one of the hippest areas of Stockholm and the moment you walk in you feel a relaxed atmosphere where you can either have one coffee or go for a lunch with some friends. I must say, the soup and sandwiches are also very tasteful! But be on time, especially on Sundays it is always a little crowdy. So to make sure you got a seat, go a little early.


Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 10
Monday – Friday: 07:30 – 18:00
Saturday – Sunday: 10:00 – 17:00

Schermafbeelding 2014-05-02 om 11.20.52


Goodmorning sunrise


A new life in a new city can be exhausting. Every new day is filled with new things, new stimuli and new experiences. You meet a lot of new people and cannot find the time to stand still and think about all those things. So here is my new start of this blog with a new photograph from the rising sun in the morning. It is the best feeling to wake up and drive to the beach and see how a new day rises from the sea into the sky. It works a bit like running, but this time you do not have to strain to make your head free. I am truly inspired by nature. Are you? Have a good day with lots of inspirations!

Ski in Luxury



It is Tuesday, the day for some travel inspiration. I didn’t exactly find a budget place today, but I must say that this spot has the best of both worlds for everyone who loves to ski and wants  some luxury! I am talking about the LeCrans hotel in Crans-Montana, Switzerland. It is a two hours ride from Geneva and the hotel serves as a perfect ski-in, ski-out lodge, just 100 meters from the Crans Montana slopes. But it is not only a great place for skiing, LeCrans offers also a calming respite after a day on the slopes at their spa Le Cinq Mondes with a range of calming treatments plus more astounding views. Who doesn’t love that?! So it may be expensive, but the joy of the dazzling mountain scenery and some good skiing makes it totally worth it! And if you do not have the money to stay in this lovely hotel? Don’t worry! Wander away through more photographs at http://www.lecrans.ch. Get inspired!




Good things.



Good things. Good things come to those work their asses of and never give up. At least, that is the plan for this blog.  In about a week Inspire me photograph will move to Berlin to hopefully extend this blog to a new level.  A higher and more creative level.  More photographs, more bloggers, more fun and definitely more inspirations! Yes that is correct, I said more bloggers. We are currently looking for people who want to write about lifestyle, food, inspirations and travel.  What we ask from you? Frequently blogging, nice looking and good quality photographs and of course enthusiasm!  Are you interested? Send an email to inspiremephotograph@outlook.com and tell us why you are the perfect guest blogger for Inspire me photograph. Note: every post must be in English, so therefore we want to read a little text and see a few photographs. We hope to meet you soon!

With love,

Inspire me photograph


Inspiration from money with stamps.



At Inspire me photograph we love to get inspired by photographs, lifestyles and also by new ideas. And this idea by David Gaz is absolutely great! A book inspired him about doing nice things for others. The idea is simple: if you do something nice for someone, you can create a chain reaction.  And with this thought he filmed a documentary and started a project called ‘Good Virus’.  According to their website they want to see if the ‘Good Virus’ effect plays out with money. They are thinking that if they give the money to someone who needs food, this money is spent and somebody else will receive it. Then once the money is in circulation, perhaps the next person who gets the bill will read the message and be inspired to spend it on a good cause too, and so on and so on..

We at Inspire me photograph believe that this is a very inspiring idea! So how can you recognize your ‘Good Virus’ dollar? The people of this project stamp on 1 dollar and 5 dollar bills the red sentence ‘This money has been used for good’. So try to see this money for something good and not directly for yourself. You can also help David Gaz to buy one of the stamps at the website below. Start stamping and get inspired by doing something good with a little money!


Healthy food: the good food.



Inspiration of the day is about healthy food. And I am not talking about the trend of super foods or clean eating, I am talking about healthy food as a way we see it. Healthy food is often seen as a diet, or as a restriction. People have the intention to eat good and healthy food, but most of the time they find it hard to leave the (real good)  unhealthy snacks. Don’t feel bad now, most of us do. But what we do forget is that there also exist many great en super healthy snacks, which are not hard to make. Even the worst cook can prepare these meals. And this is exact what we want to do at Inspire me photograph. It may be that we can inspire you with simple and fun healthy recipes, which can be an alternation on your daily menu. We hope we can inspire you to see healthy food not as a diet, but as a fun twist on your menu!

Recipe of today: Chiapudding with plums and figs
Ingredients are:
– A cup of low fat yoghurt
– 2/3 table spoons of chiaseeds
– 1 Plum
– 1 Fig
– 1 Tablespoon of honey (if you like a bit of sweets in your yoghurt)