Old fashioned shaving




What is it these days with all the beards and moustaches? More and more guys want to grow one and in Brooklyn is it normal to get facial implants. Or like they call it a beard implants. Crazy isn’t it? Well to be honest, I do love to see beards. But for most of the time I see really messy ones and definitely not properly cut and shaved. I think that proper shaving has become a lost art. But with the trend of beards and barbershops, I think the traditional wet shave -like our grandfathers did- is making a comeback. All over the Internet you can find tutorials how to shave your beard properly with an old fashioned razor. You may ask your grandfather if he still got one of those vintage razors. And if you cannot find it at his place, check antique stores or the Internet. You can still buy blades for those razors anywhere. Well, with your old fashioned razor you will be nothing less than a bad ass. Think about it, the traditional wet shave was a ritual that great men like your grandfather, John F. Kennedy and Teddy Roosevelt took part in.  Get inspired!



Bathing suits



Summer is coming and that means stress, workouts and lots of diets if you are a girl. Well for most of us. It is so typical that we want to hide our bodies and don’t feel good about ourselves.  But this year there is a solution where you can still be sexy, fashion and less have to worry about your body! The bathing suit is back again and that means less stress about the bellies and the hips and more focus on the lovely weather and the beach!! Of course you want to get your look right, so luckily you can find the bathing suits in different sorts and looks. Maybe one with a low back, or open on the sides. You will find yours, because on every web shop for women you can find bathing suits these days. My favourite website is www.asos.com. You can find different styles and different models. So, have fun this summer with relaxing and not stressing like crazy. We have a solution these days, it’s called the bathing suit!

Different look



Hello Monday! It is the start of every new week. At Inspire me photograph that means the start of chasing new goals and to accomplish new dreams. And this Monday I started to realize a new goal of mine: speaking fluent German. It was my first day of a one-month full time course German and already getting real excited. So what about you? Also got some dreams that you want to realize but don’t know how? Or maybe you do not want to change a lot at this moment. That is not a problem. Maybe you only have to look different to things. It may be that it is not so hard to accomplish a goal right now. Little steps are sometimes the biggest ones. So realize that is Monday, the day that starts the week and could be a new start to realize your goals and dreams.  Get your plans ready and good luck this week. Because it may be that with a different look at things you can and will accomplish your goals. Get inspired!

For him: Iron & Resin

Iron & Resin

Iron & Resin

It is time for a style update at Inspire me photograph and today we have chosen for a brand that could not be manlier than Iron & Resin. So guys, if you have a love for things of the past, handmade machines and quality clothing, put Iron & Resin on your radar! According to their website Iron & Resin is ‘a product of “one-off” culture. Where men still build, by their own hands, the craft they ride, be it water of land.’ All their goods are hand crafted from clothes and accessories to motorcycles and surfboards. This brand has it all and suits perfect for the manly type of guy. Are you interested or what? Go to their website and see all the products. You can find Iron & Resin in many countries and they also have a webshop. Get inspired!

Castel Capuano, Naples



It is time to get inspired by a new place in Naples, southern Italy. This is Castel Capuano, the castle where the road through the city walls led out to the city of Capua. The first stones were build by William I, the son of Roger II of Sicily in the 12th century. It was the fist monarch of the kingdom of Naples.

But it is not only this castle what makes Naples so wonderful. First of all, Naples is the third city of Italy and the biggest city of the southern of Italy. This city has a rich history and you can find a lot of art and culture. And of course: the famous cuisine. They have the best pizza of all places around the world. You can ask an Italian if you don’t believe us. Get inspired!

New style of Maple syrup

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Old Field Farm

I am obsessed with fancy products and this is exact one of those cool new arrivals! It is the maple syrup from Old field Farm. Located west of the Hudson River in Cornwallville, New York, Old Field Farm’s is aiming to balance art and agriculture, health and productivity, resulting in highest quality goods using sustainable methods. In other words, the mission of Old Field Farm is to explore how art and agricultural practices can interact and benefit one another. None of the products they grow are over-produced, which means they only grow what they need to maintain a sustainable environment. Any surplus is sold off, and when it runs out you’ll have to wait until next season for more.

So if you invest in this item, it means that you are investing in a healthy environment. And you will get maple syrup that taste absolutely great! How cool is it that this product is combining all those wonderfull things in just one item? And last but not least: the look of the bottle. It’s cool, it has a playful font and can serve as a perfect accessories in your kitchen or on your table. We love it! You can find this product on the website https://www.stevenalan.com/82510.html. Get inspired!

For her: Hats



I am sure we all noticed. Hats are the new accessories to add on your outfit. It’s sexy, fun and just a little extra touch on your daily look. It can be mysterious or help when you have a bad hair day. Don’t have a hat yet? Go to a vintage shop and have fun with trying them on! See if you like big, small, black or brown. But keep one thing in mind. Only get a hat that suits you perfect. A hat that is too big for your head isn’t as glamorous as you may think it is. Already got a hat? Why not get one extra. Everyday you will stand out with a chic touch on your head. Get inspired!

For him: Socks



Don’t want to be that guy who did too much work on his outfit? No worries, you can also stand out with a little difference added to you style. Get some colourful socks! They are fun, easy and you can buy them anywhere. And I am guessing that at the moment most of you guys have some old socks with holes in it. So this is your change to get rid of the old and start with the new you. It may be a little difference, but everyday you will have a whole new outfit. Get inspired!