Sunday exercise


Sunday, the perfect day for a long run to clear your mind.


Different look



Hello Monday! It is the start of every new week. At Inspire me photograph that means the start of chasing new goals and to accomplish new dreams. And this Monday I started to realize a new goal of mine: speaking fluent German. It was my first day of a one-month full time course German and already getting real excited. So what about you? Also got some dreams that you want to realize but don’t know how? Or maybe you do not want to change a lot at this moment. That is not a problem. Maybe you only have to look different to things. It may be that it is not so hard to accomplish a goal right now. Little steps are sometimes the biggest ones. So realize that is Monday, the day that starts the week and could be a new start to realize your goals and dreams.  Get your plans ready and good luck this week. Because it may be that with a different look at things you can and will accomplish your goals. Get inspired!