Paris, The city of love, croissants, the Eiffel tower and not to forget: the number one city of fashion. I am crazy about Paris and the Parisian street style. I mean, can we not all agree on the fact that the French girls are a perfect mix between easy chic and timeless glamour? Luckily we can adapt this style with the new book of Isabelle Thomas and Frédérique Veysset – Paris Street style: a guide to effortless chic. The French fashion writers break down the “je ne sais quoi” of Paris street style, describing the essential elements that should be in everyone’s wardrobe. It’s a perfect guide to help find your own style in an affordable way and next to that, the book is full of tips & tricks about the Parisian street style and Paris itself. And not to forget, you can find a lot of inspiring fashion photographs. That is why this book is the new must have that has to be on every girl’s wish list! Plus the size is also very convenient, so you can take it easily with you when you travel. Get inspired!


‘Original Unverpackt’. The new supermarket


I am crazy about inspiring new ideas to create a better and cleaner environment. And the concept from Sarah Wolf and Milena Glimbovski has got it all. They came up with the idea to design a supermarket where you can buy every product, but without the packaging. No more plastic bags and lots of trash. Instead of that, you will only buy as much as you need from every product and use your own pots to refill the products. So people will buy consciously again. I love this idea and luckily many more people. They needed 20,000 euro’s to materialize this concept and the Berliner company already did so within twenty-four hours with crowd funding. The first supermarket will be opened in Berlin this summer and if we may believe the founding girls, next ones will be opening soon after that in several countries.

Goodmorning sunrise


A new life in a new city can be exhausting. Every new day is filled with new things, new stimuli and new experiences. You meet a lot of new people and cannot find the time to stand still and think about all those things. So here is my new start of this blog with a new photograph from the rising sun in the morning. It is the best feeling to wake up and drive to the beach and see how a new day rises from the sea into the sky. It works a bit like running, but this time you do not have to strain to make your head free. I am truly inspired by nature. Are you? Have a good day with lots of inspirations!

Nike Roshe Run id



Nikes. Everybody has at least on pair of those and they all look the same.  So I thought, why should I buy one of these sneakers, if half of Berlin has the same one? Well I must say that if you close your eyes, it feels like you walk in heaven on earth. These shoes are the best sneakers you can have today for walking and running! They already provide a customize program for the Nike air max, but for those shoes you can only choose between colours. But recently they created a new program for other shoes than the air max.  You can now actually customize your own Nike Roshe Run id! They provide many options for colours and prints and this time you will definitely get your own brand new customized sneaker. So get ready for the festival season with your new pair of accessories on your feet. Get inspired!

With this link you can create your own pair of Roshe Run id’s: http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/product/roshe-run-id-shoe/

Du bist verrückt mein Kind, du mußt nach Berlin.



Berlin. For a long time I was planning to move to this city and I am here now. The city that is well known for its history. On every corner of every street you can find something that will remind you of the things of what have been happened here. Also, this city is relaxed. It is all about freedom, creativity and social people.  The art scene here is huge. I can truly say everything is possible here. And of course not to forget: the schnitzels und bradwurt mit sauerkraut. This is my first time, but I can already say that this city is magic. If you want to experience this town, you have to explore every district. You will not find the shimmering on first hand, but that is the fun of this city. Berlin is known for it’s hidden gems and many of them. I am sure people will recognize this once they have been there. So five months. I have only got five months to explore and discover everything there is to know about Berlin. And for now I can only say:  Du bist verrückt mein Kind, du mußt nach Berlin. You’re crazy, my child, you have to Berlin!

New style of Maple syrup

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Old Field Farm

I am obsessed with fancy products and this is exact one of those cool new arrivals! It is the maple syrup from Old field Farm. Located west of the Hudson River in Cornwallville, New York, Old Field Farm’s is aiming to balance art and agriculture, health and productivity, resulting in highest quality goods using sustainable methods. In other words, the mission of Old Field Farm is to explore how art and agricultural practices can interact and benefit one another. None of the products they grow are over-produced, which means they only grow what they need to maintain a sustainable environment. Any surplus is sold off, and when it runs out you’ll have to wait until next season for more.

So if you invest in this item, it means that you are investing in a healthy environment. And you will get maple syrup that taste absolutely great! How cool is it that this product is combining all those wonderfull things in just one item? And last but not least: the look of the bottle. It’s cool, it has a playful font and can serve as a perfect accessories in your kitchen or on your table. We love it! You can find this product on the website https://www.stevenalan.com/82510.html. Get inspired!