Paris, The city of love, croissants, the Eiffel tower and not to forget: the number one city of fashion. I am crazy about Paris and the Parisian street style. I mean, can we not all agree on the fact that the French girls are a perfect mix between easy chic and timeless glamour? Luckily we can adapt this style with the new book of Isabelle Thomas and Frédérique Veysset – Paris Street style: a guide to effortless chic. The French fashion writers break down the “je ne sais quoi” of Paris street style, describing the essential elements that should be in everyone’s wardrobe. It’s a perfect guide to help find your own style in an affordable way and next to that, the book is full of tips & tricks about the Parisian street style and Paris itself. And not to forget, you can find a lot of inspiring fashion photographs. That is why this book is the new must have that has to be on every girl’s wish list! Plus the size is also very convenient, so you can take it easily with you when you travel. Get inspired!


From Paris with love

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Sometimes, a photograph isn’t enough for me to get inspired by. And if that’s the case, I want to experience a whole new lifestyle. So that is exactly what I did last weekend!  My love and I left Amsterdam for the city of romance: Paris. It is something what we do every year. Experiencing the lifestyle of the Parisians when we walk through the streets of this city. Eating Macarons of La Duree or Pierre Hermé and enjoying the rest of the french food like Magret de Canard. Drinking bottles of wine in one of the many lovely wine bars you can find in every district. But my favorite district is definitely Belleville and the Marais. It is young and trendy and the new Saint Germain! Furthermore in this district you can find a lot of vintage stores and there are a lot of great and fun restaurants where you can find real good food and wine for a decent price. So if you have time for a short city trip, choose Paris. Je t’aime Paris, till next year!

Paris: a potrait of a city



Today I am leaving Amsterdam for a short city trip to experience the romance in the most romantic city of this world: Paris. It is, after all, Valentine’s day. My mission is the quest for l’amour de Paris and by that I mean not only the romance of love. I will hopefully live and breathe the Parisian life for a couple of days. Hours filled with lots of wine and French food, taking the metro to anywhere. Wandering away through this city..

But of course I will not be able to blog everyday, because my days will be filled up with experience this wonderful city. Sorry ;-)! Therefore I found the solution! A must have and a great gadget to have in your home. I am talking about the book Paris: Portrait of a city by Taschen. This book contains everything from Daguerre to Dutronc. It is a fantastic coffee-table ode to the most romantic city on earth. Taschen calls it ‘The true family album of all Parisians’ and, with over 500 heart-stoppingly photographs, I agree. Get inspired by this book and experience l’amour de Paris jus ton your couch with a cup of coffee. It is, after all, Valentine’s day.