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What is it about social media that we like so much? The updates of our friends about drinks in a fancy club or a new ‘like page’ that keeps you updated with the most (not) interesting stories. But we are still attractive to those social media. Actually, I believe that we are more addicted than ever.  If I take a quick look around me, I see almost everyone sitting with his or her mobile phone or laptop including myself. So that made me think about why social media is so addictive and can I change this addiction in something inspiring? Maybe I can find something that inspires your day more than quick update of a party event.

And luckily I found it! It is an account on Instagram, called Berlinstagram, from a guy that takes the most wonderful pictures everyday with his mobile of Berlin. According to his website, it was in October 2010 that he took his first iPhone picture and uploaded it to Instagram. Soon after that he discovered the possibilities of photo editing apps and Instagram’s vibrant community. And that is what you see in every photograph he takes.

So if you already spend that much time on your phone, visit http://berlinstagram.net for inspiring photographs or add him on Instagram: Berlinstagram.  Get inspired!


Sunday Run-day



What to do on Sunday? Even though Sunday is lovely as a lazy day, I do also like to get at least a little activity going on! And that means also a good workout. Sometimes fitness, other days I run through the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. Running outdoor for me is not only a good exercise, also a way to explore the city while being active. So when I am done with my workout, I can go for some drinks with friends at a new bar I just spotted. That makes this workout even more fun! And of course the benefits of running are very important for me. I feel energetic, my head will be clear of difficult thoughts and I am happy that I did get out for a run. I can tell you, sometimes you don’t have the energy to run as far as you wish, but at the end of the day: you did exercise that day and that feels great. Get inspired!

Vintage flair



This evening I found this inspiring photograph of a Hermès luggage advertisement, 1952. The flair of vintage is what you see here.  Nowadays we like crop tops and fussy hair. I’m not saying the look of today’s fashion isn’t chic. But the elegance of the old.. I wish I could go back to the fifties and dress up like this woman. I adore the flair of vintage!

Want to see more of this inspiring black and white vintage? Go see Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The movie is all about elegance and of course the great Audrey Hepburn. Do we need to say more? Get inspired!

Inspire me photograph is going worldwide at Modellist-id!



Today is a big one at Inspire me photograph. Five days ago we started this blog and already we are going worldwide!! We are more than proud to announce that Inspire me photograph will blog every two weeks for Modellist-id. We can only thank you guys for this great opportunity. This started as a fun adventure and look what can happen after just five days. One hell of an inspiration and so happy!

Curious about Modellist-id? Go to www.modellist-id.com and find out yourself what it’s all about.  Our kickoff at Modellist-id will start next Monday, so check your Facebook and we will keep you posted!


The Aesop stores



Already familiar with this amazing brand Aesop? This brand exists since 1987 and is known for his focus on natural ingredients and efficient anti-oxidants as ingredients for their products. They also refuse to test on animals, because they are convinced that they are doing the right thing by  not trading their values for money. You can find a large product variety of beauty products for skin and more. The products are for both men and female.

Over the years they have built up signature stores in London, Hong Kong, Australia, Tokyo, Paris, Zurich, Singapore and Taiwan. And that is why we post Aesop on Inspire me photograph. We are inspired by the amazing looks of each Aesop store. The stores all have a well-considered design and a nice mix of materials, textures, colors and history. Aesop is convinced that ‘good design can improve your life’. And we agree on that one. We would strongly recommend  to visit one of these stores to get inspired by their design. Have fun with exploring!

For her: Hats



I am sure we all noticed. Hats are the new accessories to add on your outfit. It’s sexy, fun and just a little extra touch on your daily look. It can be mysterious or help when you have a bad hair day. Don’t have a hat yet? Go to a vintage shop and have fun with trying them on! See if you like big, small, black or brown. But keep one thing in mind. Only get a hat that suits you perfect. A hat that is too big for your head isn’t as glamorous as you may think it is. Already got a hat? Why not get one extra. Everyday you will stand out with a chic touch on your head. Get inspired!

Healthy food: the good food.



Inspiration of the day is about healthy food. And I am not talking about the trend of super foods or clean eating, I am talking about healthy food as a way we see it. Healthy food is often seen as a diet, or as a restriction. People have the intention to eat good and healthy food, but most of the time they find it hard to leave the (real good)  unhealthy snacks. Don’t feel bad now, most of us do. But what we do forget is that there also exist many great en super healthy snacks, which are not hard to make. Even the worst cook can prepare these meals. And this is exact what we want to do at Inspire me photograph. It may be that we can inspire you with simple and fun healthy recipes, which can be an alternation on your daily menu. We hope we can inspire you to see healthy food not as a diet, but as a fun twist on your menu!

Recipe of today: Chiapudding with plums and figs
Ingredients are:
– A cup of low fat yoghurt
– 2/3 table spoons of chiaseeds
– 1 Plum
– 1 Fig
– 1 Tablespoon of honey (if you like a bit of sweets in your yoghurt)