The Green omelette


My favorite day of the week is Monday. On this day I plan my schedule for the week including work and sports. And this month I added a new sport to my planning, namely running. I noticed that when I run, I need enough energy that keeps me going and a lot of proteins to build up the muscles. So I created the green omelette.  An omelette made out of organic products that contain a lot of proteins and nutrition. The perfect meal to get you ready for every exercise!

The ingredients:
– 4 Organic eggs
– Chopped zucchini
– Basil leaves
– 2 Gloves of Garlic
– Coconut oil
– Bio tomato ketchup
– Salt & Pepper to taste it

Chop the zucchini in thin slices and the garlic in little pieces. Get a large bowl for the eggs and break them carefully in it. Add the basil leaves and three tablespoons of bio ketchup to it. Mix it all together and put it aside.

Heat a pan with coconut oil and bake the zucchini together with the garlic for five minutes. Then add the egg mix on top of the zucchini and garlic and put a lid on the pain to boil it all down. It takes another five minutes to cook for the perfect omelette.  Add some salt and pepper and your homemade omelette is finished!

Note: For a workout I suggest to eat it plain. Else you can put it on a speltbread or cracker.




Ski in Luxury



It is Tuesday, the day for some travel inspiration. I didn’t exactly find a budget place today, but I must say that this spot has the best of both worlds for everyone who loves to ski and wants  some luxury! I am talking about the LeCrans hotel in Crans-Montana, Switzerland. It is a two hours ride from Geneva and the hotel serves as a perfect ski-in, ski-out lodge, just 100 meters from the Crans Montana slopes. But it is not only a great place for skiing, LeCrans offers also a calming respite after a day on the slopes at their spa Le Cinq Mondes with a range of calming treatments plus more astounding views. Who doesn’t love that?! So it may be expensive, but the joy of the dazzling mountain scenery and some good skiing makes it totally worth it! And if you do not have the money to stay in this lovely hotel? Don’t worry! Wander away through more photographs at http://www.lecrans.ch. Get inspired!