Sunday exercise


Sunday, the perfect day for a long run to clear your mind.


New style of Maple syrup

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Old Field Farm

I am obsessed with fancy products and this is exact one of those cool new arrivals! It is the maple syrup from Old field Farm. Located west of the Hudson River in Cornwallville, New York, Old Field Farm’s is aiming to balance art and agriculture, health and productivity, resulting in highest quality goods using sustainable methods. In other words, the mission of Old Field Farm is to explore how art and agricultural practices can interact and benefit one another. None of the products they grow are over-produced, which means they only grow what they need to maintain a sustainable environment. Any surplus is sold off, and when it runs out you’ll have to wait until next season for more.

So if you invest in this item, it means that you are investing in a healthy environment. And you will get maple syrup that taste absolutely great! How cool is it that this product is combining all those wonderfull things in just one item? And last but not least: the look of the bottle. It’s cool, it has a playful font and can serve as a perfect accessories in your kitchen or on your table. We love it! You can find this product on the website https://www.stevenalan.com/82510.html. Get inspired!