Sunday exercise


Sunday, the perfect day for a long run to clear your mind.


Recap: 7 days of blogging


It is Monday and that means for Inspire me photograph let’s plan for the week. But also let’s recap what has happened last week. And honestly, what did happen was a lot! This blog started out of a hobby.  Every day I collect many photographs and sometimes get inspired by them. So I thought, why not? Why not share the pictures with anyone who loves to see great pictures as well? I am aware of the fact that nowadays many people blog and it’s hard to be different and new. But honestly, I do not want to be different. I just want to share a great hobby of mine with people who are interested. But it turns out that more people liked it already than I ever had mind and that is making me very proud. Also the recognition from Modellist-id was a huge step forward for this blog. So once again: what is this blog about? It’s about sharing pictures and thoughts. 

So this quote suits perfect for my blog. It is not impossible to start something you love, you only did not do it before. But who cares: it’s Monday. The only day of the week you can plan your schedule and start on something you really like. And what if it did not work out? There is always a new Monday ahead of us.

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Prove them wrong.



And so we did! Starting this adventure, we never thought that after only one day we achieved more than 100 likes on facebook. Thank you readers, we are so happy with the results! So let’s call it a wrap for tonight and see you back tomorrow. We will keep you posted.

With love,

Inspire me photograph.